$500,000 Out of State Medical Bill Gets Covered in Full


I worked on a case involving in New York City hospital where this person had brain surgery. Even though the hospital was paid money from her insurance company, which was out of state. She came from the Midwest to New York and her out of state insurance company paid for at the hospital was still […]

Out of Network Gynecologist Gets Paid Even with an HMO Policy


So this is a crazy case where my client had difficulty with pregnancy. She needed surgery and she found the gynecologist that was out of network. The gynecologist told my client that even though he was out of network, he would come in to do the surgery after the first surgeon made the incision. The […]

Is Cyberknife Radiosurgery Covered?


I don’t know if he ever heard of this one, but cyber knife radio surgery I handle the case recently and was able to get my client covered for a hundred thousand dollars. You have to be careful as for what your insurance policy will cover. Every insurance policy differs on what they’ll cover. You […]

A Dose of Advice How to Avoid Unexpected Medical Bills

Lasell University

In an interview at Lasell University, Adria Gross explains how to avoid unexpected medical bills for you and your family. The presentation is followed by Q&A where more answers follow great medical insurance advocacy questions. https://s1.gvovideo.com/554837/video.mp4#t=1

How to Get Out of State Medical Claims Paid


In this interview, Adria discusses how she was able to get out of state medical claims paid. If you’ve ever had issues with your bills not being covered because you were out of state, this is a must see interview.

What is Balance Billing?


Have you ever received a large bill from the hospital, and have your insurance pay a portion, and leave you with the bulk of the balance? That is balance billing, and watch this episode to discover how Adria is helping a client with a $102,000 medical insurance debt. Like this? Please share. Share on facebook […]