How to Overturn a $30k Denied Medical Claim

How to Overturn a $30k Denied Medical Claim

What do you do when you have a $30,000 medical insurance bill, which was denied and can’t get it paid by the insurance company? Watch this video and see what it takes to get it paid.

A Dose of Advice How to Avoid Unexpected Medical Bills

Lasell University

In an interview at Lasell University, Adria Gross explains how to avoid unexpected medical bills for you and your family. The presentation is followed by Q&A where more answers follow great medical insurance advocacy questions.

How to Get Out of State Medical Claims Paid


In this interview, Adria discusses how she was able to get out of state medical claims paid. If you’ve ever had issues with your bills not being covered because you were out of state, this is a must see interview.

What is Balance Billing?


Have you ever received a large bill from the hospital, and have your insurance pay a portion, and leave you with the bulk of the balance? That is balance billing, and watch this episode to discover how Adria is helping a client with a $102,000 medical insurance debt. Like this? Please share. Share on facebook […]

What Are Reasonable and Customary Charges for Specific Procedure Codes?


This is a very interesting story where you’ll discover how procedure Codes affect reasonable and customary charges when you go to the hospital. See how Adria reduced a massive hospital bill by applying her knowledge and experience as a medical insurance advocate. Like this? Please share. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin […]

How Deductibles and Copays Affect Medical Bills


How do deductibles and copays affect your out of pocket medical expenses? This video reveals a case study where a high deductible was interfering with getting medical claims  paid, and what Adria did to reduce the out of pocket expense for her client. Like this? Please share. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on […]

Have a Health Sharing Plan? Here’s How to Get Your Denied Claim, Paid.


This video covers a case study about a person who is a member of a share health plan. See how Adria was able to get them to cover the maximum benefit amount for her client. If you have similar issues, contact Adria right away by clicking here. Like this? Please share. Share on facebook Share […]

Adria Gross Case Study as a Medical Insurance Advocate

Health Insurance Advocacy

Another Reason to Hire a Medical Insurance Advocate Adria Gross reveals a case study that you need to hear about if you’ve ever had denied medical bill claims. As a medical insurance advocate, Adria breaks down exactly what she’s doing to get a large claim paid for one of her medical billing client. Like […]

How to Get Your Denied Bill Claims Paid


Why Hire Medical Insurance Advocate Adria Gross? If you’ve ever had medical bills denied by your insurance company, this video interview reveals why it’s important to hire a medical insurance advocate. Insurance advocacy is a necessary service many people are not aware of, and certainly need. This short interview will tell you how to utilize […]