I handled a case for a client who had bills from over 15 medical providers. It has to be like maybe 17 or 18 and this is really I need to it’s good to listen to this because I’m sure you have relatives who come here to the United States and they have travel insurance. That travel insurance is very limited, but what happened to this gentleman, he had travel insurance and he moved to the United States. He lost his wife and he moved to the United States to be with his family.

When I was able to prove that he could not afford all these bills, two of them still demanded some money, but I was able to reduce his bills from $240,000 down $15,000. So that was a savings of $225,000 if you cannot afford your bills. Please reach out to Medwise and call me to help you Adria Gross, Medwise Insurance Advocacy. We give a hoot about your claims.  Thank you.