I don’t know if he ever heard of this one, but cyber knife radio surgery I handle the case recently and was able to get my client covered for a hundred thousand dollars. You have to be careful as for what your insurance policy will cover.

Every insurance policy differs on what they’ll cover. You know what that didn’t you know what they’re you’re not covered for and who the medical providers can or cannot be? So there’s another case that I’m working on right now for cyber knife radio surgery. And there were five dates of service and the doctors at this hospital. They gave this CyberKnife radio surgery.

They were paid almost $58,000 hours for each separate day. There were five days and they had separate days that they went ahead and they paid for but believe it or not,  there’s still after him now for another $60,000 to $95,000. So once this case gets settled, I’ll share I’ll share the story with you. But this is the kind of things that happen. I mean for this procedure code, they never and never get paid as much as $58,000 and that’s what happened here and they’re gouging this guy so and when you figure it out for the five day that was almost $30,000 and there’s still asking for another $60,000 to $90,000.

So just be cautious see what the norm is for those procedure codes what the norm is supposed to be paid. My name is Adria Gross. I’m the owner of Medwise Insurance Advocacy.