This was a recent case where these two gentlemen were skydiving.  One of the gentleman’s claims was totally paid for but the other one was not. I just want to tell you it involved two different insurance companies. So, you know, everybody always says to me which one’s better. I can’t tell you, but this case was sent through an attorney and the fact that the hospital hired an outside collection attorney, and the case has been sitting around for over three years. The collection agency who works for the hospital charged the client $250,000, which due to interest from the original bill of $89,000.

As soon as you receive a bill, please I’m begging you, do not allow it to go into collections. This really can do major damage to your credit if you go into collections. But you know the interest on those charges are astronomical, so please you get a bill, see what you can do. You can hire me. I will negotiate it down for you if we can’t get it paid by the insurance company, but I beg you do not let it go to a collection agency. Adria Gross owner of Medwise Insurance Advocacy.